Stand construction

Presentation of the company is an important part of marketing! During the year, you often arises many opportunities to enhance the visibility of your services or products to larger and smaller exhibition events, exhibitions, trade fairs, industry meetings and congresses. In all these cases it is necessary to ensure the realization of your exhibition that was impressive, interesting and had a modern style that make „wow“ effect!               

Realization of exhibition stands is not an easy matter. This fact is completely known to us, because of our 20+ years of experiences  on field of custom manufacturing exhibition stands. Especially for the management of exhibiting companies, self-help solutions is often very difficult and time consuming, so CEOs often delegate this work to companies such as our is.

These companies, among which our company belongs, have sufficient experience in providing all the formalities, material logistics and the actual implementation of the exposition. As a result, you can be assured that your exhibition stands are not only unique and completely functional, but also the implementation of exhibition itself will take place quickly and without complications, so it can not happen that you will miss the exhibition dates, or solve various problems just before the trade fair and exposition will be rather improvised with visible defects.

Following steps are necessary for succesfull realisation of exhibition stand:

  •             On site inspection, measurements check, creating of technical drawings for stand assembly
  •             Creative visual design of whole exhibition stand including deployment of specific equipment
  •             Production of custom exhibition stand or logistic of system exhibition stand
  •             Assembly of exhibition stand, equipment placement
  •             Connection for technical leads (electricity, water / drain, suspension points etc.)
  •             Instalation of design graphics, stickers and placement of decorations for exhibition stand

System exhibition stand


If Imageyou are looking for system exhibition stand solution , we will build it for you. Implementation of system exhibition stands and booths has several major advantages: assembly is quicker, relatively less expensive compared to the realization of custom exhibitions booths and is not as demanding for preparation and logistics processes. The disadvantage is that you can use only system elements, and it is more suited for smaller presentations and does not look so impressive, as custom exhibition booths 

Custom exibition stand

Implementig of custom exhibition stands is more demanding, more expensive than system exhibitionImage stands. But you can adjust design, product placement as you wish. Almost everything is possible, including selection of materials, stand layout, double floor stands, colors and specific decorations selection .


Why choose us for your exhibition stand ?

  • More than 20+ years of experiences
  • Strong background for custom exhibiton stand solutions (own production line incl. CNC machine)
  • We can produce very difficult exhibition stands with high demand on quality of materials and precise assembly
  • We can offer wide range of system exhibition stands made of systems such as Octanorm, Alur, Mezzo
  • We have very experienced employees who draw, produce and assembly exhibition stands
  • Exhibition stands are always carried out prior agreed deadline
  • Our exhibition stands are never overpriced
  • We are always here for you
  • We communicate with client in very detail in advance
  • We are careful and deliver exhibition stands as if we were doing it for ourselves.

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