Made-to-order interior manufacture

We produce complete interior furnishing in accordance with design provided by the customer or our architect’s design. Besides made-to-order furniture, the scope of supply may include carpets, drapery, curtains, lighting and technological equipment (such as bars, refrigeratory showcases, ice makers, etc.). The focus of our interior designing lies in furniture made of wood, veneered materials, massive wood, fitted with brass and stainless steel fittings, granite and marble panels, upholstery, and other materials. In addition to complete turn-key projects we manufacture single furniture pieces and simple furniture made of veneered or laminate panels.

Emerson - offices, training center and lobby

OMS Dojč - Showroom

OMS Dojč - Training center

Community center Rumburk - Offices

New Yorker Brno - Offices

Municipal police offices in Rumburk

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